my sister is a rock star

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my sister came for a visit this past weekend.

and these three munchkins came along...

after 2 days of them being here, i sat down on the couch, utterly exhausted at 4pm and told her "i forgot what it was like to actually be tired and work hard all day." yes, that is sad, but it's true. these little ones are a job all in themselves and we were still minus 1 little person (ev stayed at home with dad). the Lord definitely grew my compassion and understanding for her day to day life and even though i knew it before, it was confirmed that she seriously is a rock star.

we went to one of my favorite spots for breakfast where we inhaled some vanilla cinnamon french toast. yum. then we headed to the life and science museum and spent a couple of hours there exploring and discovering all kinds of fun things.

hampton was in a 3 year old boys heaven when he got to go on a train ride... that had dinosaurs on the trail. plus a conductor that took his ticket, yelled "all aboard" and then blew a whistle. umm, talk about dreams come true for this little man. even i was excited!

ellie has a heart for animals like her auntie and so she loved the farm part. we saw cows, goats, alpacas, a bunny, a donkey and an owl.

we had a wonderfull weekend. i'm so blessed to be able to be an aunt to these little loves and i can't wait to watch them grow and become the men and woman that Christ made them to be... while i love and spoil them along the way, of course!

because that's what aunts are for.

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